Be Cool…

So I am not a holder of humbug, I rather like the message and gentleness of the season (sans shopping) but I just wasn’t on board the Christmas train. It was a timing issue for me; technically, I am still somewhere around late October, crisp air, crunchy leaves, back to school titillation. However while attempting to run errands on a Saturday (which was a chore due to crowds and traffic)  was becoming a crowded and time consuming big deal.  Oh yeah, it’s a week before Christmas. December, got it, time to think about gifts; time to think about how to find the perfect expression of “thank you for being you” and “I appreciate you.”

Part of showing appreciation/gratitude for me,  is in giving time and creativity.  I am not to different from other folks when it comes to gift giving. We give time through thinking about what the folks we appreciate may need or what will make them smile. We research and order online or we weather the long lines for that perfect gift. Or many of us opt to go the creative route and make something.  Today while I was baking goodies to send back East, I finally accepted that it was indeed December and I was OK with that fact.  I preferred making something rather than stand in line and go on the consumer hunt. Mind you, I got nothing against shopping (money plus shoe store equals hot diggity for me!)  but I was feeling quite satisfied to give my time  through the medium of yummies. I hope as you are getting on board the holiday train of your choice  The Booth Kwanzaa Express, The Winter Solstice Flyer or The Flying Spaghetti Monster Comet, get on board in a way that works for you and brings you a sense of satisfaction in the giving. Whatever your winter celebration, may it be full of light and peace.

Come celebrate the New Year’s Eve at Swing 6:30-8:30 pm! I will be singing with Mr. Vince Brown, ringing in the new year jazzily. Hope to see you!