New Projects, Oh my!

 Today as I was driving I-5 home from a church gig, a hawk flew across the four lanes, 20 feet up. Oblivious to the traffic hubbub below, probably in pursuit of some small bird who was wondering why he was not being appreciated for his mind, but rather for his drumstick. Oh the twists and turns of this life.

After the CD release party back in November, I had a  couple of folks ask me if I do lot of songwriting. I have usually answered no;  my thought was that there are plenty of beautiful songs in the world and what could I possibly add? Recently, I have re-thought that premise. While writing good and beautiful songs is no small feat, I have started that journey more intentionally.

      I am very excited about this new musical exploration. Is it jazz? Not necessarily., more singer-songwriter stuff about people and things that catch my attention in this world. I am having a good time with these new songs, and I hope to share some of them with you later in the year. Stay tuned!

I hope you will tune into  88.5 KNKX on Friday March 8th at 12pm: I will be on the KNKX live studio session with some of my musical friends.

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