Happy New 2019!
Mmm, it still has that new year smell. Fresh, slightly lemony scent of being driven by no one else. No misplaced wrappers of half-eaten resolutions litter its floor, half-drunk bottles of unrealistic expectations. Kick the tires and hop
in, the open road beckons!

Thank you for lending your ears and time last year- in coming to shows, emailing me about songs or things that you have read on the blog, or buying a CD. Thank you, I so appreciate your support and hope to see you in the coming year.
I wish you and yours a happiest new year!

May the new year bring adventures that make fabulous yarns;
Discoveries that rock and rebuild and improve your world;
Laughter that makes you blow whatever you are drinking through your nose;
Health that is vibrant and allows you to swagger a little in your step;
Prosperity that overflows and allows sharing easily with others to be the natural expression of gratitude for such good fortune;
Introspection that helps you to know yourself so well that it causes blossoms of compassion for those that refuse to look within;
Clarity that continues a tidal wave of “aha’s” that make you giddy with the knowing;
Gentleness and patience that walks old dogs in the pouring rain and allows sniffing every blade of God’s green grass without a hint of impatience;
Moments of true amazement and love for a fellow human who you are not obligated to have any feelings for.

This and more I wish for you friend. Raise your sail or start your engine, let us boldly begin.
Walk well,

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