Tonight we’re gonna party!

While I am a summer baby, at heart, I love the fall. As soon as the air cools and the leaves change into their fiery “go to meetin” wear, something in me relaxes. Summer seems to demand activity and usefulness. Fall says relax, sit with a cup of tea first before you get going on that “to do” list, here, take a look at this book, of course you should take a nap, let me get you a pillow. Summer stands in the corner, shaking her head from side to side in disbelief, Are you crazy, look at that sunlight, you could be working in the garden, bike riding, painting the house, fixing the garage door… Summer is great friend when you want to go party but fall brings you home and feeds you soup.

I am also loving October because It is CD release month BABY! Did I say that too loud? My fourth solo album, There Will be Trouble is available today at CD Baby!
Celebrating begins at Tula’s in Seattle Wednesday October 3rd at 7:30pm; and if you have an aversion to Wednesdays come to Rhythm &Rye in Olympia Monday October 15th at 8pm.

Like Come Together, this CD consists of diverse covers of jazz and pop standards. I celebrate songs like “My Funny Valentine” and “Sweet Georgia Brown” with stellar musical friends Eric Verlinde / David Deacon Joyner on piano, Jeff Busch on drums and Osama Afifi / Dean Schmidt on bass.

On There Will be Trouble the usual quartet expands to include brass and horns. Jerome Smith (tuba/trombone) and Hans Teuber (baritone sax/clarinet) to add some extra sass!
CDs are also available at Olympia’s own Rainy Day Records.

I also want to take a minute to thank you, yes you for coming to shows, sending me emails, suggesting songs buying and sharing my music and generally being a well wisher. You know you rock right?

Be well,

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