I have found the fall colors intoxicating, simply gawjhus. Leaves dancing with leaves stirred by wind and weather into creamy shades of amber and goldenrod with explosions of burgundy and apricot. I get giddy over the diversity of the leaf-scape. Leaves shaped like olives, like fans, like arrowheads,waiting patiently to fall and carpet the ground. Walks turn into finding crunch linings for my pockets. The maple leaf that is face size is awesome architecture. Fall is more than a metaphor for change, it is change animated and teaching. Fall is about endings and preparation for the winter of patience and unseen growth.
Often in my day to day of negotiating and building with life, I forget that growth does not just occur in the springtime of busy-ness but also in cool quiet of winter. Growth requires endings. It requires letting go.
While I glory in the firework endings that fall brings, I struggle with endings that occur in my own life: relationships that change, habits and outdated thinking that no longer serve me well, real or symbolic deaths. I struggle to see the beauty and I whine, lord, how I whine. Change is hard and sometimes we see the beauty of outcome, but that kind of sight requires a good teacher.
Let fall be your teacher as you walk through it’s canopied halls. What color will you turn before letting go?


On another note, I am working on a video for my various musical projects and I need a live audience for a recording of Red &Ruby in Olympia.Taping will be from 12-4 Sunday November 19. There will be refreshments and eternal gratitude. If you are interested, please email me privately at and I will give you the address.

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