So Grateful

Today as All Hallows eve is upon us, I am remembering friends, benefactors, and those who have gone before. Those who have passed beyond the veil. There is an African proverb that we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors. I believe this phrase includes our familial line as well as those who are a part of of our creative family line. There are musicians and other creatives who have left the planet who have influenced me through their example, their love, and their brilliance.
So today I think about:
my mom-in-law, who loaned me money for my first CD and attended every performance
my guitarist friend Pat, who schooled me in audio equipment and who gave me my first “good mic”
my fiddle-playing poet friend Barbara, whose sass and style and creativity inspired me
There are others of course, but I write this to invite you to take a minute to remember those who have gone before.  Who introduced you to yourself, who opened doors to new ways of being for you? Celebrate their love and gifts.

On another note, Cuban jazz pianist Jorge Luis Panchecho will be at  jorge-luis-pacheco
Ben Moore’s next November 9th!  I enjoyed performing with my friend
Tyrone Hashimoto a couple of weeks ago at Ben Moore’s and I am looking forward to enjoying  another great evening of music. It will be a real treat! Here is a taste of what you will hear: CLICK HERE
It’s a early show 6:30!

Hope to see you this month!

Be Fabulous!

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