Boys in the Boat

You can’t help but notice how music is used to motivate us to action. Anyone who visits the gym can’t help but notice how many people have earbuds in their ears. It’s not just a way to keep the world out; using music can be a way to override the whining of the mind when the body does not want to exercise. Music becomes a pleasant distraction from the things that are hard or we don’t want to do. I like to think that every part of lives has a soundtrack-we are literally swimming through it.
Red & Ruby (guitarist Vince Brown and I) were asked by Timberland Public Library to play some of the music that may have surrounded the life of Washington born rower Joe Rantz, who was part of a nine man crew who won the 1936 Berlin Olympics. His story is captured in Daniel James Brown book The Boys in the Band.
While athletes were not wearing headphones in the 1930’s, this young man was surrounded by music and played a lot of music of his time. Joe Rantz sang and played guitar, mandolin and banjo. We will playing some of the tunes that he may have played in celebration of this inspiring book. Check out the Timberland Library page for more info!



I am also excited about my friend Tyrone Hashimoto from Tokyo coming to Olympia! He is a wonderful performer! I will be doing a couple of songs with him and we will be joined Seattle drummer Jeff Busch. This is a special-please make time to join us! Watch Tyrone do his thang here:


Hope to see you in October!

Be Fabulous!

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