Growth Happens!

I recently came across the obituary of Sr. Nirmala Joshi who died in the spring of 2015. She was the the nun who replaced Mother Teresa as head of the Missionaries of Charity. Reading her brief obituary, I was intrigued as to what Sr Nirmala must have felt stepping into the enormous shoes of Mother Teresa whose works with the poor and dying made her worthy saint material.
While I know few details of how Sr Nimala was chosen for her new task, the article mentioned that 6 months before Mother Teresa’s death Sr Nirmala was given this new assignment. Talk about a hard act to follow! Can you imagine the voices of doubt, real or imaginary that she had to contend with? Being human, I suspect that she must have had an intimate relationship with her own fight or flight response.
Living a creative life, whether cooking a divine meal, painting a love affirming mural, or wrestling with bronze to give it the illusion of flight requires a willingness to change shoes…constantly upgrading our response ability. Sometimes external circumstance forces expansion, but when we are truly listening and if we are honest with ourselves we feel the nudge of our own inner spring, don’t we? We know when the soil of our day to day life is packing a little too tightly around our roots and the only response is to spread out or grow up and out regardless of whether it is convenient or not.
Spring often brings little prickles of discontent, nudging us to move into something new or unexpected. Every season spring reminds us that “growth happens”, in all of its sloppy, uneven and eye-rollingly humbling ways. May you wear your growth well and may your shoes never fit.

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