May All Be Well with You!

December and January are the chestnuts roasting, champagne toasting months! At its best it is a time of celebration, gratitude and gift giving. At its worst it is a time of emotional over-stimulation, consumption, and materialism. While I may often swerve and stumble between the two extremes, I find my mental rest in the latter. In lieu of New Year Resolutions, I tend toward meditating on the gifts of the closing year — and there have been many. I  am grateful to all of the venues in which I have performed this year: Harlequin Theatre, La Gitana Pizzaria, Swing Wine Bar,  PLU Jazz Under the Stars,  North City Bistro, Mcmenamin’s Troutdale, Shuga Jazz Bistro … just to name a few. Thank you to those venues who support live music, who understand that a good meal tastes better with good music.
Thank you to those of you who came out and continue to come out to support live music. The pull of sofa entropy is great and the lure of channel and web page surfing is hard to resist. If you made it out of that gravitational pull, bless you! I and my fellow musicians hope that we did right by you!
And lastly, I am so fortunate to work with some wonderful folks, fellow musicians who get giddy about sound. Aural playmates who made the work of making music a pleasure.
So I suppose I put the cart in front of horse and chose to “toast” before “roasting” but it seems to fit. So just as I have had the opportunity to raise my glass to the joys of this closing year, I pray that you may do the same. May remembrance of your “thank you’s”  make the wine of this life sweeter and may your cup be full and overflowing!
May your holiday be joyous,
and I will see you in 2016!


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