“I am Beautiful”

I was recently helping a young woman, just 17, and she looked at herself in the mirror and said out loud with a massive smile on her face, “I am beautiful, isn’t that right Ma?”

Her mother smiled and nodded and I was blown away in that moment. It is radical to say such a thing isn’t it? It’s  heart-expanding to witness self acceptance and healthy self love. The inner critic that abides in all of us sputters and clears it throat at the affront of the  certainty and joy of such a statement. This young woman was not saying it out of vanity, she was saying it because it is information that she knows is true! And she was not afraid of that truth about herself. The fact that she has a developmental disability ( or rather in this case an wonderful ability to cut to the chase) made no difference to her, or to her mother.

Her enthusiastic candor made me think about how we  shy away from what is good or beautiful in us. How many times do we deflect a compliment or speak negatively about ourselves, unable to rest in accepting that another finds something within us beautiful?

This young woman and her mother were so open and settled in this knowing that it was healing to everyone who was within hearing distance.

So go forth my friend, rest in your beauty, it is healing to everyone!

Until next time,
Be fabulous and be kind!


One thought on ““I am Beautiful”

  1. I just read this for a second time and it moved me as much as the first. As always, thank you for sharing your solid, uplifting thoughts. Can’t tell you how much I’m missing you!

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