You say Toh-mah-to….

I don’t know about you, but I have been so busy enjoying and holding on to the last tastiness of August, so much so that September took me by surprise! I held on to the second box of peaches destined for the food dryer. I hugged the second crop of raspberries and sang love songs to the Pink Berkely tie-dye tomatoes from the garden. A tomato that set the record straight about the righteous-“ness” of the solanum lycopersicum family. They are a fine species to know in season. There may be a toe-tapping song about the seductive beauty of a fried green tomato but a sweet 100 can cause much bootee shaking-let me tell you!
This is a short missal. I will leave you with a few clips of documentaries that I have enjoyed in the last month (see below). Perhaps I will write about them next month, if you are interested. If you have seen them already I would love to know your thoughts!

Thanks for coming out to the summer shows! More shows coming up, with a few in Seattle!

Please continue to be fabulous, you are so necessary!

What Happened Miss Simone?

Who is Harry Nillson? (And why is everybody talking)

Muscle Shoals


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