A Letter from Camp

Happy Alan Sherman day! No, it’s not his birthday or his exit day; today in 1963 “A Letter from Camp” was released. Those who have taken a few more trips around the sun as well as aficionados of musical silliness probably remember “A Letter from Camp” as the “hello muddah, hello fahdah” song.
Oh the milk that could come out the nose while listening to “Seltzer Boy” or “My Zelda”! Even at 5 or 6 I knew music was necessary and it made me feel good, but I didn’t know music could make you laugh. And Alan Sherman made me laugh. Heck, Alan Sherman made my parents laugh–if Alan Sherman could do it….maybe I could make my parents laugh too. A performer was born.
When I finally got to experience summer camp and could call home, quoting the first line of “A Letter from Camp” would get a chortle from my dad. That was the beginning of my performance life–“borrow” good material; know your audience; and timing, timing, timing!
Happy Alan Sherman Day!


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