March! Hut! Two! Three! Four!

I think that I distinctly heard February say, “Come on y’all, if you are not ready to go, I’m leaving without you…I’m not kidding!” And February was not kidding, it took its 28 days; packed as much clothing, gear and food as it could possibly carry, and drove away. And now it is March who wears the pastel clothing of spring and appears gentle and shy… but really March is quite pushy. March so far demands to do lists, cleanliness, order, and growth.
March yells through a megaphone¬†“plan the garden, clean out the closets, clear off the bookshelf of tomes that will never be read, grow, expand, fruit, bloom! The camellias outside my window seem happy to comply. Bring it on, March! Mano a branch.
Have fun with spring cleaning and be sure to take a break and come to a show…or invite me to your garage sale!
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