Thrift Store Sound Track

It was suppose to be a quick trip.  My favorite thrift store was having a sale, I had a little time on my hands, a little change in my pocket and I was looking for a deal. The only catch was that I really only had, a little time, my” to do” list was looking over my shoulder and trolling Goodwill was not on the list.
Since it was the end of the day, the isles were clear of shoppers so I started my rounds confident that I could stay within my time limit which was 15 minutes . I was feeling pretty proud of myself after ten minutes but  then something happened. I noticed the music.
That night there was  something was different, the usual strange blend of  70’s southern rock and 80’s funk soundtrack was replace with country music.Unapologetic Johnny Cash, Hank Lockin, Tanya Tucker country music.
I like to think of myself as a musical omnivore, I try to listen to everything. And honestly while my musical education was/is eclectic, country music was never really officially part of my curriculum. I heard a little Johnny Cash but had never listened to a whole album, uh, I mean CD.
So that 15 minute trip turned into a half hour clothing meditation as I listened to the words of Johnny Cash’s  Man in Black and  One Piece At A Time. Listening to One Piece at a Time made me a little giddy. It was like tasting chocolate chili pepper ice cream for the first time. It made no sense why it was so tasty but it was delicious!
Yep, I did get a couple of bargains from that  thrift store trip, but the unexpected reintroduction to Johnny Cash was defiantly worth my 15 , um 30 minute trip. Thank goodness for Youtube, Johnny and I can get reacquainted.
Until next time…
Be well and be kind,


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