Happy trails Steve…

Last week I went to a life celebration of Steve Munger. A talented and kind cornerstone of the Olympia jazz music community. I never  had a chance to share the stage with him but what interaction that I did have, I found him gracious, and a depth of creative imagination.

His  memorial service was followed  several days later by a more public musical celebration of his life at The Royal in downtown Olympia.  The evening ebbed and flow with Steve’s personal and musical friends performing in his honor. Many of Olympia’s jazz royalty  and up and coming musicians shared the stage to play Steve’s compositions.  The place was packed, such support made the heart buoyant.

I mentioned this because  once and while I am reminded that there is a wonderful musical community in Olympia and I figured that sometimes, it needs to be said out loud.

Happy trails Steve, may the gigs be good.



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