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This past Thursday was the opening of The Full Monty, and what a week it has been. Prior to opening night, I have spent several nights in technical rehearsal. Technical rehearsal or  otherwise known as Tech Week is likened to a first date.The actors who have been working in a plain, relatively empty room for two weeks under the careful eye of the director are introduced to the set, costumes, lights, sound.  Like a first date, it is an exciting, awkward, flirtatious moment, causing much giddiness. However for all of the excitement and newness, the unlimited patience and focus of marriage is what is required for sanity and necessity. Tech week is the time for the cast and crew to figure out how everything works: When do the lights go off? What lights go on? When the stage needs to move, how do you move it without running over the actors while they are musically pontificating? You get the idea.
And then, before you know it, it is opening night! All of a sudden the  jokes that have gone unrecognized or dry due to repitition and overfamiliarity  are funny in the presence of an audience. The audience is the missing link, the catalyst that makes the evening magical. Village Theater has a tradition of previewing the show before opening night called Friends and Family Night. The audience is made up of …well friends and family of the cast.  This being my first Village Theatre experience, I asked a Village veteran about what to expect. She dryly  said, ” You can poo on stage and they would love you anyway.”.  Thankfully, the “poo” factor was low that evening and she was right, the audience hooted and hollered with joy, the whole evening. Everyone on the cast was high as a kite with happiness.
The Full Monty is a fun show, great music, great story and did I mention the stripping? Well it is called The Full Monty after all!  Tickets are available now, go to:

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