New Playground…

Yesterday was our first day on the set of the The Full Monty.

Everybody was a little giddy with excitement. Up to this point we have

been rehearsing  in a rehearsal  space with the stage dimensions

and levels defined with various colors of tape on the floor; a lot of

imagination was required to make our surroundings real. Going to a

larger space and more exciting playing field makes the Monty

experience more real. What becomes more real? The fast approaching

opening night date September 17th. Yikes! As well as making  the world

of The Full Monty, Buffalo New York, 1992, a living breathing place to


While we have been rehearsing, the crew have built this amazing set

that has a spiral staircase, stage components that move, and so much

more!  (I don’t want to give too much away. )  Opening night, the actors

may get the applause, but the real respect  goes to the crew and the

director, stage managers and all the folks that coordinate thiswonderful playground for the actors!

Link, Ethel Merman, There\’s No Business Like Show Business

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