The Bard, Fats, & Red…all coming soon!

Happy Birthday Shakespeare.. you sure do write purty!

In celebration of William Shake sphere’s birthday– April 23rd 1564 to
be exact for those of you who want to send him a congratulatory tweet
–Shakespeare in the Parking Lot in cahoots with the Tacoma Arts
Commission is hosting a Shakespere- a-thon, this Friday and Saturday,
April 23 and 24th. More information is available here:

Yours truly is in the Friday 6:30 show Richard II, appropriately
renamed Regina II, for I get the opportunity to play Queen Regina II.
Regina II will be a moving show, in that the show will be both indoors
at the Speakeasy Arts Collective, 222 Broadway in Tacoma and on
various locations on Broadway! Bring your gortex and fleece and come
out and see Shakespeare in a new light. Read more…

Friday, April 23rd:
6:30pm – Richard 2 (Regina II)
8:30pm – Henry 4 Parts 1 & 2
11:00pm – Henry 5
If you are unable to join in the celebrations, pepper your
conversations with “forsooth” and “anon” and see how good it feels!

Mr Waller I presume…
I am currently in rehearsal for the Fats Waller musical review, Aint
Misbehavin, with Centerstage Theater in Tacoma. Opening night is May
21st! Show times and dates can be found at
. This is wonderful show, two rip-tearin, throw-down hours of Fats
Waller songs. Just try to stay in your seat for this one!

Lions,Tigers and Red and Ruby Lights Oh My!
This weekend is Artwalk!, Procession of the Species, and the gorgeous
Luminary procession It just isn’t spring in Olympia ’til you see a 8
foot dung beetle in the middle of 4th Avenue. Red (Vince Brown) and
Ruby (that’s me, the short one) will be at Swing Wine Bar Saturday
night April 24 at 9:30. Drop by after the Procession; We would love to
see you!

Until next time…be well and be kind.

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