Jazz (and such) Monday at the Royal Lounge

Greetings everyone and happy spring…uh winter, no spring. Definitely
spring. Almost.

I swear to you that I saw a chickadee at the feeder at our kitchen
window wearing leg warmers. Really! But I digress.

I want to invite you to the Royal Lounge this Monday 9:30-midnight.
Yes, I know it is late but I will be playing with fine dressin’
guitarist Vince “Crazy Fingers” Brown, Syd “Sweet Lips” Potter on
flugelhorn and crazy but calm Carey Black on bass! We will be doing
all manner of things jazzy and jazz related.

The Royal is located at 311 Capitol Way North, Olympia. There is
plenty of parking. Need more info? Call them at (360) 705-0760.

Hope to see you soon, and for those of you who can’t make this gig due
to its late hour, earlier gigs are afoot.

Be well and be happy,

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